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The 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster has been our evolving story since August of ’65. In the beginning, she was loved even with her leaking roof and continuous troubles, she still made driving fun.

Starting in the ’70’s the Speedster was kept in a garage and partially dismantled till the late 80’s. Then in the late 80’s she was finally given hope and began a long and complete restoration. We will admit, no matter what state she has been in, she has always been beautiful.

speedster P1Today the Speedster is going through another re-do. Why? Because, it’s our ‘first love’, our first Porsche. To be honest it’s a never ending project. But, it’s worth it. No matter what is done to improve, redo, restyle, or fix the 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster is and always will be true beauty to us.

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speedster P8
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These are just a few pictures of her current state from this past weekend. A lot more needs to be done, but it gives you an idea. It does not happen over night. Lot’s of pieces have been painstakingly cleaned, polished, recoated, rebuilt, and repainted. All to it’s true original form, except with an added beefed up engine. Of coarse!

speedster P3Off to work, but we are counting the days for the next ride.

All Photography: ©Image Motorsports