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This past weekend at the Cars & Coffee in Minneapolis, MN we got a closer look at two Singer Porsche 911’s. Let me tell you, we were blown away. The detail, design, and work that goes into making these vehicles is top notch and not one square inch goes untouched.

Rob Dickinson, is the co-founder of Singer Vehicle Design and former singer from the rock band Catherine Wheel. Dickinson uses creative automotive design to “restore, modify, and rebirth” older Porsche 911’s into a work of art.

Now these vehicles are not for beginners, these are the real deal and they will cost you about $500,000 to completely overhaul to Singer Vehicle standards. But, after seeing these in person we can honestly say it’s worth every penny. Every square inch is redone, and it’s redone very well.

“Let’s take the best engine, shove it in the best chassis, put the best brakes on it, the best wheels, best, best, best,” he says of his initial inspiration for Singer. “I have a very clear knowledge of when I know something feels right. There was never any doubt that if I was allowed to build the car I wanted to build, people would love it.” Rob Dickinson, co-founder of Singer Vehicle Design.

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Video interview with Rob Dickinson, Singer Vehicle Designer & co-founder.

Singer Vehicle Design gives you the the “ultimate choice” in picking out every detail to transform your vehicle to the image you have always dreamed of and more. They have made it a personal experience where you are a part of every detail in making your vehicle unique from body work, transmission, electrical, suspension, interior, colors, and more.

“Singer Vehicle Design was founded in 2009 to explore the creative possibilities within the vibrant world of the classic automobile. We are dedicated to the passionate study, preservation and optimization of the world’s most respected high performance vehicles through modern techniques and unique and fresh perspectives. Our primary focus since inception – indeed, our obsession – has been the development of a meticulously restored and optimized air-cooled Porsche 911, in our view the most important sports car on the planet and worthy of such celebration for its iconic status and the genius of the company and the men that created it. By performing restoration and state of the art modifications to clients’ vehicles to update performance, aesthetics and modern day usability, we attempt to optimize the strengths while preserving and perhaps enhancing the essence and magic of this incredible machine.”

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