Top gifts for Dad A

Are you a procrastinator or are you always searching high and low to buy the perfect gift for yourself or dad? Are you always looking for the latest car gadget, top notch trendy electronic, or does a perfect meal with a cold beer suit you? Well, we are sharing our top favorites today in tribute to Father’s Day and because ‘Father knows best’.


1. Challenger Home Garage Car Lifts

4015_gallery_17Do you need to work on your car, have room for storage, or a rational reason to explain to your wife why you need to buy an extra hot rod and no room to store it. Well, this Challenger Home Garage Car Lift could be your answer. These come in a variety of sizes from the car collector to a professional garage mechanic. This is definitely a mechanics dream.

2. Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

C7_slideshow6.jpgEvery man needs an excuse to learn how to drive faster. Well, this could be your ticket, but if you buy dad one add a second for yourself. It’s going to be an adventure you will never forget. We have two favorites Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and Skip Barber Racing School.

3. Snap-On Tool Chest

KRL7022CPBOYes, every man’s dream is to have a top notch tool chest. You just can’t beat it – enough said. Visit to learn more.

4. Kreepstool

kreepstool-suppliesIt’s a rolling chair, organizer, and storage all in one. It’s going to keep those handy items in easy reach while your cleaning your car, restoring, or fixing it. It’s just a handy tool to save your back and knees. Now, buyer beware it can be a little fun to roll around in the garage, so drive it with caution. It’s not a sport car! You can check out more details for this item on

5. Piloti Driving Shoes

prototipo-char-side-562x513 ADo you want to make your driving adventure more comfortable? Try wearing driving shows by Piloti. They come in a variety of styles depending on your sport from performance, classic or luxury driving. Most styles comes with dual density heel cushioning and heel-to-toe reinforcement and more. The one featured above has been tested by LeMans drivers. Visit for information and store locations.

6.  SoundRacer

I know your wandering what in the world is this, well, it’s cool and trust me your going to want one. It’s a Sound Racer that helps you enjoy your favorite engine noises in your normal everyday car.

How does it work? After you turn your car on and plug the SoundRacer into your 12V/cigarette lighter, then find a free FM frequency on your radio and set the SoundRacer to the same the fun begins and your car will sound like a famous sports car. The options are SoundRacer V8 the Shelby Mustang, V10 a Lamborghini Gallardo, V12 the Ferrari 512, or V10J the Lexus LFA sounds. Trust us it’s going to beat all those normal days driving to work in your everyday car a lot more fun. But, buyer beware, you could blow up your everyday car having fun reving it up too much.

7. Jensen Technician’s Tool Kit

JTK-50F.05_s310_p1._V2db67ec8_ JTK-50F.01_s310_p1._V27c1ba18_

Don’t leave home with out it! This handy tool kit has it all. It’s compact and includes an easy carrying strap. Plus, it’s small enough to store in any vintage collectible car without looking like a chunky old tool box. It’s just plain and simple to say it’s a handy item to have on hand. There are all sorts of versions available and they vary in size and contents. Visit Stanley Supply Services for options.

8. Italian Lambskin Leather Driving Gloves

cd3288_sMade by Fratelli Orsini using the finest Italian lambskin leather in traditional glove styling. Hand sewn with contrast stitching. Many sizes and styles available for purchase at

9. Curb Automotive T-Shirts

Daniel Simon, Oshkosh Airshow 2013Automotive T-shirts, books, posters, and more at Curb. Curb’s products are cool, original and keeps automotive style classy. Check out there sale today offering 20% off with a code. Information is on their site at

 10. Wolfgang Car Detail Kit


You just can’t beat a good old fashioned car cleaning kit, but this one may come with an extra bonus. What bonus? Well, you might have to actually clean and detail the car for your dad. So buyer beware and warm up those arm muscles this one is not just going to cost you some dollars it could take time and energy. But, the end result will be priceless. has an array of car kit collections available. A few of our favorites are Wolfgang and Pinnacle. The site also has a nice selection of cleaning cloths, pads and more. It’s a great one stop shop for those handy necessities.