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Our first drive in the 1962 Porsche T-5 Coupe with GT addition. This is a video taken from this past weekend of the first drive. The video does not do it justice, but it will give you the idea of it’s power and sound. I will tell you this, it just makes your chest vibrate. The engine is amazing!!!

outlaw pic 1Outlaw pic 4The Image Motorsports “Outlaw” is a 1962 Porsche T-5 Coupe with an GT addition and modified to our own specifications. In the 90’s it was an historic race car and then sat for 10 years after the motor was blown. The past few years IM has been converting it into a street outlaw vehicle with many upgrades.

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The modifications included widening of the rear end; a GT gas tank; updated gauges; a stainless steel roll bar with full harness system was mounted inside; dual master cylinder; plexiglass side and rear windows; RSR seats; a modified 912 motor with Sebring style exhaust replaced the older blown engine; 911 disc brakes added; Fuchs Alloy’s 7″ and 6″; and an upgraded suspension. The interior was done in black and brown combo Alcantara leather with dark charcoal carpet. The body of the car was painted in Porsche Sport Silver a more true deep silver.

Outlaw pic 20Outlaw pic 6photo 1We want to personally thank our mechanic and friend Marcus for all his hard work, dedication, and talent in helping complete the Outlaw. Also, another thank you to Mike for his help and hard work as well. You guys rock!

All Photography: ©Image Motorsports