I remember it vividly.  I saw Jack Olsen’s 1972 Porsche 911 in a magazine at my father’s house during the holidays.  I saw the same car again in a forum a few months later.   The “Black Beauty” had the stance of a linebacker, ready for whatever came toward it.  It was simply the closest thing to a perfect, vintage Porsche 911 that I had seen.


Enter this wonderful video by Petrolicious, that I stumbled upon recently.  Jack shows off the same 911 on the road, on the track and in his garage.  I now have even more respect for this car and its’ owner.  A 12-Gauge, custom garage and the “One Car” that “Can Do it All” make this the 911’s world, one that we all dream of having.

13 years of dedication with a focus on the suspension make this my favorite 911.  Most impressive was Jack’s quote, which has resonated with me:

Horsepower is something that looks great in a magazine, but suspension is what gets you around the track fast. And this car does a fantastic job because of its' suspension.

If you are a fan of cars, simply watch this video.  If you are a Porsche owner past, current or future, then sit back and turn up the sound.